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Four women smiling and talking over drinks at a restaurant. They know bladder leaks won't stop them from living their lives.

We don’t leak alone!

It’s true. A leaky bladder is something millions and millions of women have dealt with, are dealing with or will deal with.

It’s true. A leaky bladder is something millions and millions of women have dealt with, are dealing with or will deal with. That probably puts a new perspective on who’s joining you at the next wine tasting, book club or group hike.

The point is, most of us have a friend (or two) who leaks a little—like when she laughs, right? And plenty of us ARE that friend, which is why we might get nervous when the jokes start flying. Bladder leaks also happen when we stand up. When we sit down. When we go for a jog or do jumping jacks. Sometimes they just happen for no good reason.

A group of friends smile and talk over coffee at a cafe. Incontinence doesn't stop them from going out to eat with friends.

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The Source: Powered by Fresh Start is your resource hub for answers, insights and information about urinary incontinence. Can you live a full, fulfilling life with bladder leakage? Our answer is an absolute and indisputable yes! We want that to be your answer, too.

Three women sit on a couch, laughing together. They're not worried about a little pee interrupting their fun.

Check out the straightforward advice on better ways to communicate with your doctor and how to share your story with friends and family. Plus, find guidance on the latest products, therapies and lifestyle strategies making it possible for all of us to be fearless and fabulous.

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