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A water aerobics class. You can still do what you love with bladder leaks, you just have to find the right strategies.

What’s important is up to you

Wondering what combination of urinary incontinence strategies and solutions are going to work best for you?

Wondering what combination of urinary incontinence strategies and solutions are going to work best for you? Only you (probably with a little help from your doctor) can answer that question, but we are certainly happy to help you get started.

Decide what’s most important to you

Is it finding products that are comfortable? Is it skin protection or ensuring you feel consistently clean and fresh over extended periods of time? Maybe it’s finding products that are discreet under your favorite clothing or protection that’s easy to bring along throughout a busy day. Of course, your answer might be all of the above, and that’s okay! 

Protection is just the beginning

While controlling leaks and odor is essential, there are products that will check every box on your list, from flattering fit to lasting freshness. Think about what you need and when you need it. If you’re on the go, bring along some extra liners and cleansing wipes. If you’re digging in for a long outdoor concert, you might prefer to wear underwear with more absorption capacity. And if you need some overnight peace of mind, an absorbent under pad is a definite for that extra protection. 

Two friends laugh in an outdoor cafe. Protective products are an important first step for peace of mind when out and about.

Recognize that you have options

What’s important in your bladder leak strategy comes down to what matters most to you. Just remember that you have flexibility. You’re not the same person every day. You enjoy different activities. You accept invitations. You spend time with friends. Whatever you do, you deserve total comfort and true peace of mind. Give yourself all the protection options you need to get the most out of any situation, whether you’re staying at home or going out to socialize. A little leaking is no reason to put life on pause! 

A mom wearing incontinence underwear holds her baby in the nursery. With the right protection, she can focus on parenting.

Keep learning and living well

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the better your chances of finding the solutions that uniquely suit you. We certainly hope that, thanks to information you can find here in The Source, you’re learning leaks shouldn’t get in the way of living the way you always want! You have so many strategies for support and self-care. 

And never forget—you’re not alone! Odds are you know plenty of others facing the same challenges, even if they’ve kept it quiet. So share your story, share your strategies, stay brave and celebrate yourself for living your best life! 

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