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The incontinence convo: active online support groups and social platforms

FitRight Fresh Start isn’t your only source of information and support when it comes to living with bladder leaks. We’ve said it plenty, but it’s worth repeating, that dealing with incontinence is not something you or anyone has to go through alone.

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A pelvic floor physical therapist shares her story

Having strong pelvic floor muscles is essential for all genders and all ages. These muscles help control our bladder and bowel movements as well as sexual sensations and functions.

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Who has bladder leaks?

Wondering why you have incontinence? Think you’re too young? Bladder leaks happen to women at all ages and life stages. Find out where you fit.

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Fresh Strategies: A fresh look at your pelvic floor

Get hip to where your pelvic floor is and what it's responsible.

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Medical conditions associated with UI

Bladder leaks can be caused or exacerbated by serious medical conditions—especially those that are neurological in nature.

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Managing menopause

“Menopause is a piece of cake,” said no woman ever!

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Motherhood and bladder control

The good news is pelvic muscles can bounce back after childbirth, and almost all women can expect to regain full bladder control.

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