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Understanding Urinary Incontinence (UI)

What is it?

A specialist you should know: urogynecologist

As a woman, it’s a safe bet you know what a gynecologist is. You also probably know what a urologist is—a physician specializing in conditions that affect the urinary tract.

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Eight good foods for bladder health

Trying to identify which foods might be triggering your bladder leaks? Try these delicious options that rank among the best foods for bladder health.

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How anxiety can affect incontinence

Walking into an interview for a new job, getting ready for a party you’ve spent weeks anticipating, having the boss over for dinner—these are all scenarios where anyone might be feeling a bit nerved up.

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Fresh Strategies: Might as well Kegel

The unseen squeeze we all know and love is often prescribed for those with weakened pelvic floors and bladder control issues.

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Understanding UI treatment options

Make more informed decisions about what’s best for you.

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Types and causes of UI

Knowledge gives you power. So it’s time to find out what you need to know.

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Truth and myths about UI

We’re here to help you find the right answers and feel smart as well as more confident.

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