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Why FitRight Fresh Start?

Light blue icon of a simplified image of a pad with a white droplet in the center. Our pads fight odor with baking soda.

Odor control you trust

The proven power of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda helps fight odor faster and longer.

Green icon showing the absorbency in Fresh Start products. Icon shows a droplet resting on layers of different materials.

Leak-proof power

Ultra-advanced materials instantly absorb and trap moisture, keeping you feeling confident.

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Options for everyone

Check out the FitRight Fresh Start Product Finder to see the complete variety of sizes and styles!

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Maximum comfort

Comfortably discreet whether you’re staying on the couch or heading out on the town.

Blue icon of a water droplet with a lowercase e inside it, representing the vitamin E in Fresh Start products.

Safe for your skin

100% breathable materials enriched with vitamin E that helps soften and protect sensitive skin.

The Story behind FitRight Fresh Start

As women in healthcare, we knew from medical data and firsthand experience that a lot of us deal with a little incontinence—like when we leap, laugh, lift, sneeze, even sleep. We also knew women with bladder control challenges aren’t who the world thinks we are. A little leakage is the least interesting thing about us!

So we aimed to change not only the stigma and stereotypes but also the narrative about dealing with bladder leaks as active, modern women.

Woman in workout gear in an exercise class, mid-movement. No matter how hard the class, she's secure in her leak protection.
Two women kickboxing. One wears gloves with intense focus; the other holds pads for her. Their UI products work equally hard.

Our fresh take on odor control

Most of us who experience bladder leaks find current incontinent products disappointing—especially when it comes to odor control. We are more than ready for products that instead of using heavy masking scents, rely on a more natural solution to help us feel confident and smell fresh.

So, we followed the science and partnered with one of the world’s most trusted odor-control experts—ARM & HAMMER™. Then we created a full line of FitRight Fresh Start incontinence products infused with the power of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda to reduce odor faster; prevent odor longer; and deliver safe, sensible, gentle, natural protection like no other brand can.

Our healthcare backstory

Since being introduced by Medline, FitRight® has become one of the leading incontinence brands in healthcare. Now we have applied this experience and expertise to developing the FitRight Fresh Start line for all us vital, multidimensional women out there who refuse to let a little thing like bladder leaks keep us from freely living our full, multifaceted lives.

FitRight Fresh Start liners, pads, underwear and surface protectors are created for women, by women, to deliver the one-of-a-kind wetness and odor control and uncompromising personal care we all deserve.

A woman has her heart listened to with a stethoscope, showing she cares about her health and well being.

Let's get in touch!

We’re also passionate about breaking taboos and talking plainly about bladder leaks. So, we want to know your story—or your questions! Let’s start a conversation.

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