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We’re tired of keeping this under wraps

You are not alone. Nearly two-thirds of U.S. women experience bladder leaks. So, no more taboos or staying silent. It’s time to talk about it, take control and shatter the stereotypes.

FitRight Fresh Start, powered by ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda, is designed for women like you who defy being labeled and who won’t let something like bladder leaks disrupt or define their lives.

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Three women sit and laugh on the edge of an outdoor pool, their legs dangling in. They're not scared to talk about leaks.
Three coworkers collaborate on a project around a table. Two manipulate a 3D model, while another takes notes on a laptop.

Speaking of leaking

That’s right. We said it. Is a little pee a big problem? We don’t think so. Neither should you.

FitRight Fresh Start liners, pads and undies are designed for women by women, because you’re done settling for less than you deserve and ready for something that lets you be you.

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Just deal? Get real

You used to have two options: press your period pads into unintended (and unsuccessful) service, or settle for bulky, uncomfortable products that make you feel—and look—like you’re wearing, well, something bulky and uncomfortable. A choice between ineffective and soul-crushing is no choice.

Choose something better—something that makes you feel as beautiful as you are. Choose FitRight Fresh Start.

Our Story
A woman in a workout class, one arm stretched overhead. She's focused because she doesn't have to worry about leaks.

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Answer some quick questions, and we’ll recommend the perfect solutions to put your leaks on lockdown.

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Lineup of all FitRight Fresh Start products in their packages: liners, pads, underwear, wipes, and surface protectors.

Why FitRight Fresh Start?

Light blue icon of a simplified image of a pad with a white droplet in the center. Our pads fight odor with baking soda.

Odor control you trust

The proven power of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda helps fight odor faster and longer.

Green icon showing the absorbency in Fresh Start products. Icon shows a droplet resting on layers of different materials.

Leak-proof power

Ultra-advanced materials instantly absorb and trap moisture, keeping you feeling clean, fresh and free.

Orange icon demonstrating product options for all. Icon has an image of a droplet with a checkmark overlaid.

Options for everyone

Check out the Find which UI products are best for you with our product finder quiz to see the complete variety of sizes and styles!

Red icon with an image of a woman's lower body wearing underwear, demonstrating the comfort of Fresh Start products.

Maximum comfort

Comfortably discreet whether you’re staying on the couch or heading out on the town.

Blue icon of a water droplet with a lowercase e inside it, representing the vitamin E in Fresh Start products.

Safe for your skin

100% breathable materials enriched with vitamin E that helps soften and protect sensitive skin.

Three women stand in a line modeling different sizes of Fresh Start underwear in all three colors—blue, beige, and black.

It’s easy to find your fit

Our 3D Try-On Experience makes it easy to find FitRight Fresh Start underwear that works best for your body type. The right fit will have you feeling confident, staying comfortable and looking great.

Find your perfect fit

Get the latest info, insights and advice

Two women chat over coffee at a cafe. We can clear up a lot of myths about living with UI by talking about them more.

Truth and myths about UI

We’re here to help you find the right answers and feel smart as well as more confident.

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Two runners jogging across a covered bridge, away from the viewer. It's important to keep active, even when dealing with UI.

Don’t let leaks limit your activity level

Are you worried about bladder leakage putting a damper on your active lifestyle?

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A woman sits on a towel at the beach, applying sunscreen to her back. Skin care, especial in your vaginal area, is important.

Get smart about caring for your skin

If you’re wearing anything to help shield against bladder leaks, moisture and friction can create problems.

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