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How often do you experience bladder leakage?

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Did you know?
Most women dealing with incontinence contend with bladder leakage on a daily basis.

Mind sharing your age with us?

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Did you know?
Nearly two-thirds of all women experience incontinence. You are not alone!

What’s the typical amount of leakage you experience?

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What behaviors can trigger your bladder leakage?

Two women at the gym, captured mid-jump onto small platforms. High-impact exercise like this often triggers leaks.
“Let me pee first!”
*Voted most common phrase heard by personal trainers from female clients before they make them do jumping jacks, jump rope, jump squats — basically anything with jumping.

What’s your biggest bladder leakage worry?

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A weak bladder doesn’t mean you’re weak!

Do you find yourself taking any of these steps to self-regulate your bladder leakage?

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The best bladder leakage products would definitely…

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