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Prioritizing self care in leak protection

When it comes to living with incontinence, there’s plenty of info available about practical steps you can take to live well even with a little leaking.

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Balancing skin pH with bladder leaks

You’ve probably heard or seen the term “pH balance” in advertisements for skin care products without ever really thinking about its importance. But if you experience bladder leaks, it’s time to learn! Here’s why.

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Managing odor anxiety the safe and natural way

As modern women, we’re lucky to live at a time when advances in science, technology and manufacturing have made living with bladder leaks so much more convenient.

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Get smart about caring for your skin

If you’re wearing anything to help shield against bladder leaks, moisture and friction can create problems.

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Straight talk about smelling good

Are you worrying about whether or not you are smelling clean and fresh?

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What’s important is up to you

Wondering what combination of urinary incontinence strategies and solutions are going to work best for you?

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Answers about absorbency

When it comes to the liners, pads, underwear and under pads you use to manage bladder leakage, absorbency is clearly a critical attribute.

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Don’t let leaks limit your activity level

Are you worried about bladder leakage putting a damper on your active lifestyle?

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Packaging for moderate absorbency pads. Features an image of the pads and a description of the product and its features.

Liners & Pads

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Packaging for large beige underwear. Features a model in the underwear and information about the product and its features.


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Packaging for large surface protectors. Features a woman sleeping on a protector and information about product features.

Surface Protectors

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