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Two women chat over coffee at a cafe. We can clear up a lot of myths about living with UI by talking about them more.

Truth and myths about UI

We’re here to help you find the right answers and feel smart as well as more confident.

Five myths about living with bladder leaks debunked

There’s a lot of less-than-reliable information around living with bladder leakage. Go too far down the Google rabbit hole, and you’ll probably come away feeling confused. We’re here to help you find the right answers and feel smart as well as more confident.

Myth #1

“Don’t bother your doctors. They can’t help.”

Truth: For so many people facing any personal health concern, the first person they should talk to is often the last person they talk to. Forget about being worried or embarrassed. Your doctor is there to listen and talk through ways to help you live your healthiest and happiest life. That means managing your bladder leakage in the way that’s best for you. Don’t stay quiet about your truth. Don’t think you have to suffer in silence. Talk to your doctor so you can find the right solutions together.

A doctor discusses UI treatment options with a patient and her husband. All three look at a clipboard in the doctor's hands.

Myth #2

“There is nothing you can really do about bladder leaks.”

Truth: Don’t listen to these naysayers. There are plenty of ways to address bladder leaks, from pelvic floor strengthening to using the right protective products to medical treatment. Don’t buy into the idea that bladder leakage will get the best of you and your lifestyle. You have options. You have choices. You have control!

Myth #3

“It’s a normal part of getting older.”

Truth: Often delivered by a well-intended friend or family member, this myth is an easy, even disheartening way to suggest that bladder leakage is inevitable. It isn’t. But the underlying message can undermine our resolve to put UI into perspective and be prepared to do something about it. Getting older doesn’t mean we can’t go out, pursue our passions or enjoy some spontaneity because we’re limited by living with leaks. No way. We’re not only getting older, we’re getting wiser.

Myth #4

“Surgery is the only way you can really fix it.”

A pregnant woman lies on a yoga mat. Her eyes are closed, knees are bent, and her hands are resting on her stomach.

Truth: While surgery can offer effective treatments for bladder leakage in some circumstances, there are plenty of less invasive strategies you can try. Again, strengthening your pelvic floor with Kegels and pelvic physical therapy is a great start. You also can pay close attention to some simple lifestyle choices, like how many caffeinated drinks or cocktails you enjoy. And there are discreet, effective products made to keep you fresh, clean and confident throughout the day. Think about the difference any or all of these steps can make before deciding surgery is your only option.

Myth #5

“Why don’t you just hustle to the nearest bathroom?”

Truth: If only it was that easy! Of course you know how silly this kind of advice is. Is anyone always near a bathroom? Ever been in an all-day meeting, go to the movies or take a road-trip? And even when there’s a bathroom nearby, urge incontinence can create anxious moments and cause accidents. Enough already. Being well informed and well prepared for whatever life has in store is the only way to go!

So, let’s just forgive those folks who make “myth-stakes” about what it’s really like living with bladder leaks. Then let’s get on with our big, full lives!

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