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The incontinence convo: active online support groups and social platforms

FitRight Fresh Start isn’t your only source of information and support when it comes to living with bladder leaks. We’ve said it plenty, but it’s worth repeating, that dealing with incontinence is not something you or anyone has to go through alone. The numbers speak for themselves, with nearly two-thirds of U.S. women over twenty dealing with bladder leaks at some point in their lives. That’s almost 80 million women, so you are absolutely not alone!

And while that number might be enlightening, what’s more encouraging is the community of understanding women that has grown up around the issue of bladder leakage. There are chat groups, forums and even podcasts devoted to discussion of the very real issues surrounding incontinence. Together, we are sharing experiences, giving one another empathetic ears and finding ways to stay connected as we live our big, full lives.

Where to connect

Here’s a quick look at some opportunities for you to join—or just listen in on—the conversation.


Content aggregator Reddit has a Subreddit (their name for topic-specific communities) dedicated to incontinence. It’s described as “a support and discussion group for those who deal with all forms of incontinence.” Topics include dealing with relationship stress and selecting incontinence products, as well as personal reflections on dealing with incontinence on a daily basis.

One caveat: This NIH study offers both an introduction to this Subreddit and an assessment of its effectiveness as a health resource. Another relevant read via Urology Times offers some guidance on assessing the information on this forum. Remember that these are people sharing personal stories and offering anecdotal advice, not health care providers or experts.

National Association for Continence

This association, devoted to incontinence education and support, offers a user forum (registration required) that is full of discussions and information concerning everything from bladder leak volume to Kegel effectiveness to consumption of carbonated and caffeinated drinks. Start with the Introductions -New Member’s thread!

The Simon Foundation for Continence Online Support Community

The stated mission of this forum is to provide educational information, resources and support to people with incontinence and their caregivers, both professional and family/friends.

Where to tune in

Right now, there are about 5 million podcasts offering listeners more than 70 million episodes about incontinence! Within that impressive range are several that focus on issues of incontinence and living with bladder leaks. Here are a few you might want to listen to:

Incontinence podcasts

Life Without Leaks: The National Association for Continence Podcast
Frank discussions and patient perspectives on living with leaks, news on new devices, calls for incontinence study participation and more.

The Adult Bedwetting Podcast
Don’t let the name discourage you! A companion to one Subreddit, this podcast deals with everyday incontinence realities, including travel; the effects of drinking alcohol; and contending with the responses of friends, loved ones and even strangers to someone living with bladder leaks.

Individual episodes

In addition to specific podcasts on incontinence issues, other podcasts with a broader health focus also feature episodes dedicated to living with leaks. Some worth a listen include:

A final reminder

All of these social platforms and podcasts can offer insight, information, community and understanding when it comes to finding ways to manage leaks and make every day a great day. Just remember that their content is often user-driven and not always from a medical professional or specialist. Read, listen and learn—and always remember to consult with your doctor regarding serious decisions around your strategy for living with leaks.

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